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offers investment-grade developments all over the City. The developments we offer have been conceptualized by our development team to be high quality assets using a data-driven approach in planning and design, that gears property for high rental returns and an escalated rate of capital growth.

We first ever published property price index with over decade of historical data of Ghana’s property markets. It has proven over the last decade to be an important tool providing investors, home owners, the financial industry and consumers with current and historical information about land price inflation- allowing them to make informed decisions in the land market

Our presence in the real estate market over the last two decades together with our focus on maintaining transparency and integrity in the market has created us for us a distinct brand in the market that is trusted and relied upon.

Houses for sale

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  • As a result, both buyers and sellers alike have come to trust our expertise and our brand, particularly in residential development. The agency department provides a crucial link between developers and buyers, having collated over time a wealth of clientele who form a ready market for new developments.

  • Our client base comprises existing buyers and referrals, most of whom have developed confidence in the success of our developments.As pioneer of off-plan sales of property in Ghana and in this respect, we are able to capture buyers at an early stage of the development, adding to the financial stability of the project.

  • Our in house marketing team fully manages the development marketing program including the creation of the development brand, developing the marketing plan, production and media budgets as well.

House for rent


If you’re looking for commercial property to rent, we have many of listings across all Area of Greater Accra region. Alongside the easy-to-navigate property listings, we offer helpful property insights that will guide you in either renting or renting out a residential or commercial property.Whether you are a property owner looking to list your property to rent, or you are embarking on a new adventure and need a quality place to rent using a reputable service, then Private Property is your one-stop portal.